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That she showed no remorse and showed nothing

March 7 2021, 20:55pm

Under tremendous pressure from Tripathi, the local police, who was initially investigating the case, were close to implicating two innocent IIT Kanpur students, who had nothing to do with the murder. Police said Palande wanted to take possession of the flats owned by Anuj Tikku, son of Arun Tikku and therefore hatched a conspiracy to kill the elderly man.Ameeta SinghThis was another case that sent shock waves across the country and grabbed national headlines. As Deshraj rushed out of the kitchen and into the room, he saw Shukla lying dead in a pool of blood. Had Mayawati not transferred the probe to CBI, perhaps the lives of those two innocent students would have been shattered," reveals Dube.Sheena BoraSheena Bora, an executive working for Mumbai Metro One, in Mumbai, went missing on April 24, 2012.The sensational case is still fresh in the mind of the then Joint Director of the CBI (Special Crimes), Vivek Dube, who was heading the investigation. "Would you like to take sleeping pills before being killed or will you like to remain conscious ?" was what Palande is believed to have asked Kakkad, who then chose to take the sleeping pills.Dr Nasiri believes women committing homicide usually do it for financial gains-for either the insurance money and properties or they fear they’ll be excluded from the will. Sheena and her brother were subsequently raised in Guwahati.An evil mumThe Sheena Bora Murder CaseMuch before the Rohit Shekhar-Apoorva Shukla Tiwari saga, the country was glued to TV sets as minute details emerged from the sensational murder of Sheena Bora in April 2012, in which her mother Indrani Mukerjea, a former HR consultant and media executive, turned out to be the main accused. Madhumani, Tripathi’s wife, apparently knew that he was intimate with Madhumita," recalls Vivek. It’s unfortunate that educated and intelligent people resort to such acts. But the marital bliss did not last long. No identification was made and the remains were sent to JJ Hospital. On August 26, Sheena’s brother Mikhail revealed that she was Indrani’s daughter rather than sister. Amarmani Tripathi was the chief guest at one such event where he instantly fell for Madhumita.Dr Prashant goes on to explain that fear of loss is another reason women commit such offences.Indrani MukerjeaSheena Das Bora and her brother Mikhail were born to Pori Bora, later known as Indrani Mukerjea and Siddhartha Das in Shillong in 1987. Several days before the murder, an angry Apoorva took off to her parents’ home in Indore after an ugly spat with Rohit. Syed Modi’s wife Ameeta was initially the prime suspect and was among the seven people named as accused in the charge-sheet.After the murder, Sheena’s body was taken to Indrani’s Worli house where it was put in a bag and stuffed in the trunk of the car. Soon, the much-in-love couple began meeting regularly and started living together.  

The relationship strained further when the said relative accompanied Rohit and his mother to Uttarakhand to cast votes while Apoorva stayed back in Delhi. Emile Jerome, a naval officer and Maria’s boyfriend at the time, came to know about this. They would befriend people who they could then lure into their trap. Then there are homicides motivated by love, committed so the offender can ‘rescue’ a person they love from a situation they perceive to be ‘worse than death’ (altruistic or assisted homicide when the victim suffers from a terminal illness) or the family is facing sudden abject poverty," adds Dr Nasri."During interrogation, the officer recollects Indrani had appeared lost. Both families were stridently opposed to the two marrying, not only because of the vast chasm in their backgrounds, but also because they anticipated that professional issues, jealousies and one-upmanship would become major hurdles in a marriage between two ambitious, target-oriented and over-achieving individuals. Suspecting that the two were having an affair, he flew down to Mumbai where he caught the two of them in her flat. And the investigation team could trace the phone calls relating to the murder to Tripathi’s wife Madhumani in Gorakhpur.Cold blooded murderIndrani planned the murder meticulously. Even Palande is known to have facial surgery to evade the police.Gain-conditioned mind-setsIn cases where gain is the main motive for murder, it could be for a tangible benefit or to prevent loss of wealth, honour or respect in society. "This angered Madhumani as she did not want another claimant in the family property. On April 7, 2012, Arun was alone at home when two people walked into his house and as he opened the door stabbed him to death. "Both men and women are motivated by desire for reward, but women’s brains endow them with a greater threshold for bearing anger or emotional pain. Their relationship worsened with each passing day, to an extent that there were talks of divorce between them," he adds. Sanjay Singh, who later married Ameeta, was also named by the investigators. Subsequently, they chopped the body dual chamber bottle into pieces and disposed it off at an isolated place in Kumbharli ghat. At least six men were seen fleeing in a red car. "Simran had herself photographed with film stars, top businessmen and even cricketers and posted them on social networking sites. She is said to have taken a leave of absence and sent in her written resignation.. Tiwari," says Rajiv Ranjan. Whatever their reason to commit a crime, the law catches up with wrongdoers sooner or later," ACP Rajiv, adds. "She was the national president of the youth wing of INTUC in Indore, and she had political ambitions, aspiring for a ticket to contest the elections.Later, they dragged the body out of the car to an isolated place in the forests, stuffed the body back into the bag, poured petrol over it and set it on fire. Prashant, a consultant psycho-pathologist at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, claims two reasons for most murders to be committed by men. As he stepped out of the stadium, a group of assailants opened fire at him from point blank range. On the same day, Rahul Mukerjea (Peter Mukerjea’s son, whom Sheena was dating) received a break-up SMS from Sheena’s phone. Tiwari’s connections.Kunal SinghCol Rajendra was confident that the death was not a suicide due to the injury marks he found on his son’s chest and arm, leading him and the doctor who conducted the post-mortem to believe that the actor was first strangulated and then hung from the ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide. Because the actor was found hanging from the ceiling, the police concluded that it was a suicide and closed the case.These are observations of Dr Mahmood Nasiri, a London-based psychiatrist who also writes lawyer-referred medico-legal reports for psychiatric assessment of clients. As per the psychiatrist practising at the National Health Service (NHS), UK, while homicide constitutes the most extreme form of violence on the spectrum of human aggressive behaviour, physical and violent aggression are traits usually attributed to the masculine gender. In fact, according to ACP Rajiv, she had appeared normal from the day the murder came to light. Minutes later, they drove her to one of the bylanes in Bandra where Khanna is said to have strangled her to death. The team was persistant in bringing justice. Indrani had asked Sheena to meet her on the evening of April 24 and though reluctant, Sheena agreed. Both got introduced through a matrimonial website and the couple instantly hit it off. Incidentally, she was the main accused Vijay Palande’s honey trap to lure wealthy men for over a decade. Indrani claimed that Sheena had gone to the United States for higher studies. The police subsequently filed murder charges against the two under the suspicion that they had got Modi killed due to their extramarital affair. As it turned out, the murder was planned by Madhumani Tiwari, Tripathi’s wife, endorsed by Tripathi and executed by hired assassins. But the pressure from the Samajwadi Party leader was so much that the policemen were on the verge of falsely implicating two students who were known to the victim. Tiwari, in Lucknow in 2017.Remorseless endingsAn IPS officer, who was part of the team that probed the case, wishing anonymity, tells us that he had never come across any such case in his entire career.Why would a woman, an MBA graduate and Supreme Court lawyer, go to such extremes, knowing fully well the consequences of her actions?"All her aspirations and goals came crashing down. "We knew that something was not right in the family ever since we mounted surveillance on the family members, especially Indrani. When Sheena learnt about her mother and moved to Mumbai in 2006, Indrani introduced her as her younger sister.Maria Susairaj was found guilty of destroying evidence and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, while Jerome was found guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and of destroying evidence. "Women have historically been conditioned to face far greater or excessive social consequences for smaller infractions.How the cookie crumbledAs with most cases involving political bigwigs, this one too became a high profile investigation. While Palande was convicted for the murders, Simran was first booked for unlawful occupation of Das’ flat. For them, Simran was arm candy. Initially, he was given four pills but since it was not working on him, they stuffed 10 more pills into his mouth. The elderly man had come to Mumbai to convince his son to return to Delhi with him.Simran SoodSimilarly, in the murder of Arun Tikku, the senior citizen was stabbed to death by two of Palande’s associates. Kunal’s co-star Lavina, who claimed to have been in the washroom of the rented flat at the time of his death, was later arrested by the police for his murder. Both are still in jail. She grew disillusioned after she learnt that as per the will, the property she hoped to get a share of was to be divided in a ratio of 60:40 between Rohit and his half-brother Siddharth. We investigated multiple angles and finally achieved a breakthrough.While Khanna left for his hotel, Indrani stayed home while the car driver Rai slept inside the car with the body in the trunk! 

That she showed no remorse and showed nothing to suggest that she was repentant for what she did added to the grimness of the tale. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the killing. Ajay collected all the relevant information such as the diary of the deceased, provided shelter to a servant who was the lone witness in the case and took the investigation into the house of Amarmani Tripathi. The evidence included letters written by Ameeta’s mother regarding the paternity of Aakanksha (their daughter), letters written during the engagement of Syed Modi and Ameeta in 1984 and a letter where Syed Modi had threatened to commit suicide.Lack of evidenceThe Syed Modi Murder CaseOn the evening of July 28, 1988, Syed Modi, a rising badminton star, was coming out of the KD Singh Babu stadium in Lucknow after a routine practice session. Finally when he turned unconscious, they dragged him to the bathroom, slit his throat and kept the body under shower till the blood washed away.Maria SusairajOn May 6, 2008, Grover stayed over with Maria at her flat. In rarer cases, it is for property or opportunities. The wife of Peter Mukerjea, a retired Indian television executive, Indrani co-founded INX media with her husband, where she took on the role of CEO. But when the needle of suspicion pointed towards her and she was confronted, she spilled the beans.But soon, Madhumita began making a lot of demands such as a home for herself and a petrol pump dealership for her brother. Several high-profile murders have been committed to save the offenders’ financial, political and societal positions," he explains.The CBI arrested Ameeta and her lover within days of the murder, but according to retired investigating officers, the investigations were scuttled by the then government. In response to this, the court ordered the police to re-investigate the case. Even then, the investigating team say, she showed no signs of remorse.What makes some women go to the extreme, turning into psychopaths executing cold-blooded murders? India has witnessed quite a few cases in which women have gone down as some of the most terrifying killers of all time. Upon her return, Indrani visited the Worli police station and informed the police that Rahul was trying to stalk Sheena and that was why she had moved to the United States without informing him. Research on male homicidal behaviour is extensive, but comparatively fewer studies focus on female criminality and particularly about women committing homicide. Struggling financially, Madhumita used to recite poetry at various poetry gatherings. Following more disclosures by Rai, the police finally arrested Indrani on August 25. She underwent cosmetic surgeries in Dubai and Mumbai to enhance her appearance and post surgery, her face would be very different from the past, which she used to her advantage to target the next victim," reveal investigators. On 9 May 2003, Madhumita was gunned down at close range by two visitors in her two-room apartment in Lucknow’s Paper Mill Colony. It was clear that the murder conspiracy was hatched by Madhumani, executed by the two assailants while Tripathi was in the know.

The evening before the murder, she even surveyed a likely area to dump the body and even discussed the murder with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna.D. In case of either of their deaths, the surviving son was to receive the rest, which meant that Apoorva was edged out even in terms of money and property. Relations between the couple began to nose-dive when she learnt about Rohit’s proximity to a woman relative.The honey trapThe murders of Karan Kumar Kakkad and Arun TikkuAmong the terrifying woman killers in the country is starlet Simran Sood, a model and struggling actor who ended up being the co-accused in the kidnapping and killing of 28-year-old Delhi resident Karan Kumar Kakkad and 62-year-old businessman Arun Tikku in 2012. She thought that she would benefit from the legacy of a senior Congress leader and former Uttarakhand CM N. Much before the murder, Palande had befriended Anuj and both used to hang out regularly. The "guests" vanished in no time."For many of her victims, it was difficult to make out that it was the same face that had lured them. Tripathi first purchased a small house for her in Lucknow.Hushed up affairThe Madhumita Shukla Murder CaseAnother case where the pati, patni aur woh factor ended up in murder was that of Madhumita Shukla, a 24-year-old budding poet and the alleged lover of Amarmani Tripathi, the then Samajwadi Party strongman. Fearing police checks, they propped Sheena’s body up between Indrani and Khanna on the rear seat, to maker her look asleep, rather than putting her in the boot. By then, Indrani had already rented a car to facilitate the abduction of Sheena and for disposal of her body. But the story turned bleak when the budding poetess, who was pregnant for the third time, insisted on wanting to give birth to the child. It was then she decided that it was time to do away with Madhumita, before she could deliver her child," recalls Vivek. On 21 August 2015, Shyamvar Pinturam Rai, Indrani’s driver, was arrested for possession of illegal weapons.Madhumita Shukla and Amarmani TripathiThe investigation of the case was taken up by Ajay Kumar Chaturvedi, SHO of PS Mahanagar, Lucknow

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