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  • This new research suggests that the effects

    26 January 2021

    The only direct measurement of carbon dioxide is from ice cores, which only go back less than 1 million years. The study was published in the journal Geology.Doubling the carbon dioxide will result increasing the global average temperature New York: Earth's...

  • People smoking hookah in their homes generate

    01 February 2021

    2 with active cigarette smoking and 2.The researchers used air filters to measure levels of carbon monoxide, black carbon and pollution particles 2.To determine the effect smoking has on indoor environments, the study team collected air samples from 33...

  • That she showed no remorse and showed nothing

    07 March 2021

    Under tremendous pressure from Tripathi, the local police, who was initially investigating the case, were close to implicating two innocent IIT Kanpur students, who had nothing to do with the murder. Police said Palande wanted to take possession of the...